I’ll help you create B2B HR Tech content that impacts the bottom line:

  • Position yourself as the authority figure
  • Build a relationship with your audience

In short, I’ll write HR content that your audience can’t help but read. The end goal? To reinforce your perceived value so that you’re respected as the industry leader you are whose words are worth its weight in gold.

“The content has been integral in driving more web traffic and getting the interest of our audience”

Abhishek Shah

CEO, Testlify

2 words: authority and credibility.

Your audience wants expert advice from those more knowledgeable than themselves to share valuable insights that can help them overcome a complex problem.

And giving away those valuable insights in a way that’s relatable is how you boost your authority and credibility in the industry.

Valuable insights, in other words, translates to showcasing thought-leadership.

Here’s how:

  • Sharing anecdotes and real experiences
  • Forming your own conclusion based on different sets of data
  • Coming up with new, fresh ideas or frameworks for solving a problem

All of which builds trust with your readers, which generates leads.

Here’s a few more tips that I would add.

Interview Your Best Clients

Get content ideas and fuel your marketing strategy by interviewing your best clients.

Ask questions that allow you to probe deeper into their goals and pain points. It’s how you find alternative perspectives on a topic as well as ideas to figure out how to better tailor your messaging and positioning.

Here’s a few examples of questions you could ask:

  • Can you describe the biggest problems we helped you solve?
  • How did the results change your business?
  • Was there anything that made you feel hesitant to try our solution? If so, why?
  • Is there anything new or different you learned from us you feel others should know?

Include Relevant Links and Quotes

Here’s some key terms to know:

  • Internal links: linking to another page on your website.
  • External links: linking to another page on a different website.
  • Quotes: a statement or opinion from another person.

Only include links where it’s relevant and use them naturally. The priority is to be helpful to the user.

If it can be avoided, try not to link to competitor content. Ideally, you’d want visitors to stay on your website. The better alternative is to conduct your own research to get the data you need. Or get a quote from either an internal or external subject expert.

Conversational Tone

Write to the reader as if you were speaking to them in person.

Behind the screen is another human being who wants to be understood. You make them feel understood by actually talking to them.

When you’re having a conversation with someone, you’re not only talking. You’re listening too. Apply this concept to your writing by resonating with your reader’s needs. As you’re giving tips or advice, come from a place of empathy to build the relationship.

Design Elements

Most online visitors aren’t reading. They’re skimming.

People go to your article or blog post for answers. With that in mind, give them what they’re looking for straight in a way that’s easy to digest. Optimise the user experience by refining the content format and design elements by having:

  • Concise headers
  • Readable paragraphs and sentences
  • White space

What About Adding SEO Into the Mix?

Good question. Here’s a few tips:

  • Analyze customer research to find the common phrases being used
  • Narrow down those phrases into keywords with intent or search volume (intent comes first)
  • Do a SERP analysis to get a better understanding of the search intent
  • Meet the search intent with a fresh content angle
  • Format every blog article with crisp H1s, H2s, and H3s, etc
  • Keep URLs concise by only using the primary keyword
  • Include relevant internal links to other content on your website
  • Optimise your content using tools like SurferSEO and Frase

And Don’t Forget to Promote

Hiring a B2B SaaS writer is cool and all but they’re not solely responsible for the success of your content marketing project.

Another key factor is how you promote and distribute each post.

Unless you’re already an established industry figure, no one’s going to come out of thin air to read what you’ve written.

Here’s a few ways to promote your content:

  • Email marketing
  • Post on social media
  • Share on relevant forums and communities

All that being said, here’s how I’ll help you craft some cool sh*t

Catchy Writing

Writing that makes your audience devour your words with passion. Spark a human connection with the reader behind the screen.

Minimalist Approach

Simplify complex ideas and technical concepts so that even rookies understand without feeling like a rookie.

Contrarian Angles

Create content that makes you stand out from the crowd by giving a unique, thought-provoking take on the topic.

SEO Background

With a background in SEO content, I can help you find ways to increase your organic traffic and website rankings.

“Astley is an excellent SEO copywriter. He can point your content in the right direction” 

Michael Sojdie

CEO, StaffingSoft

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If you’re looking to outsource the job to someone else, I recommend checking out the following guide for a word of advice on getting the best results with your freelance writer.