Give your reader a lightbulb moment by introducing them to a framework they wished they’d known sooner – a framework involving your product.

  • Increased perceived value
  • Enthusiastic user signups
  • Respected thought leader

I’ll help you achieve each of those results with MarTech content that sells.

Firstly, let’s make sure we’re on the same page.

MarTech stands for marketing technology. MarTech content refers to content from companies that offer a marketing solution as a software service.

Just think of it as B2B content for marketers. It’s easier this way than to throw the word MarTech into the mix.

Tips for Writing Content About Marketing

Neil Patel and Brian Dean were the first few people I learned from when it came to content marketing and SEO. Turns out, these are the guys creating MarTech content themselves – they educate marketers.

You’ve got other big players in the space too:

  • Ahrefs
  • HubSpot
  • SEMrush

Share the Ups and Downs

We’re keen to know about your own wins and fails. They want to know how to achieve certain outcomes as well as how to avoid certain outcomes.

  • What’s the best approach to the particular problem?
  • How did you arrive at your current processes/frameworks?
  • What’s a mistake you made that others are still making?

You don’t have to be 1,000 steps ahead of your reader to give value. Even being one step ahead qualifies you to give advice to those who know less than you.

But at the very least, prove you know your shit by either sharing your own experiences on the topic you’re writing about or interviewing experts. This is especially important for establishing yourself as an authority figure.

Include Screenshots

If Batman was one of the best SaaS content marketers in the game, screenshots would be one of his favourite tools – let’s call it the Batcam.

Anyway, screenshots help for a few reasons:

  • Reinforce or illustrate a point you’re trying to make
  • Improve content readability
  • Make it easier to teach readers

Many SEO software companies, for instance, include screenshots in their own content to write about how their software helps users overcome a problem.

Here’s one example below from Ahrefs.

Write for Humans, Not a Business

In a nutshell, here’s how to write like a human for another human:

  • Write in plain English and use jargon naturally
  • Use a first-person narrative
  • Include emotive language
  • Mention your own personal experience
  • Empathise with readers


Use GIFs – They’re Awesome, Seriously

I use GIFs in a lot of my own content. I mean, feel free to check out some of my previous blog posts.

Here’s why I use GIFs and why I would recommend adding them to your arsenal:

  • Injects personality
  • Breaks down long-form content
  • Keeps readers engaged
  • Emphasise a point you’re making

Moreover, it helps you stand out.

But be sensible with your decisions. A GIF like the one below generally wouldn’t be appropriate in a B2B environment.

Well then again, it depends on your audience. Understand them well enough to know when you’re crossing the line.

All that being said, here’s how I’ll help you craft some cool sh*t

Catchy Writing

Writing that makes your audience devour your words with passion. Spark a human connection with the reader behind the screen.

Minimalist Approach

Simplify complex ideas and technical concepts so that even rookies understand without feeling like a rookie.

Contrarian Angles

Create content that makes you stand out from the crowd by giving a unique, thought-provoking take on the topic.

SEO Background

With a background in SEO content, I can help you find ways to increase your organic traffic and website rankings.

Marketing Expertise

Lastly, I’m a passionate content marketer myself. In other words, you can also tap into my expertise.

“Astley is a first-class writer on every level: his work is diligent, thoughtful and delivered at the highest of standards. He’s great across multiple formats incl. long-form content, SEO content, and webpage content optimised for conversions and SEO. He’s gone above and beyond.”

Raffi Salama

Co-Founder, Passionfruit

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