My Process

1. Get in touch

We’ll see if we’re a good fit for each other but if it turns out we’re not, I’ll try to refer you to someone in my network who is. I’ll also share my own input on alternative solutions to consider if necessary.


2. Discovery Call

The purpose of this discovery call is for me to outline how I can help you get the results you’re looking for based on your current situation.

3. Work Agreement

Assuming you’ve passed the previous phases, I’ll send over a work agreement including everything we’ve discussed such as:


  • Deliverables
  • Project requirements
  • Rates
  • Timelines 

4. Outline approval

For all pieces of content, I’ll send over an outline for you to approve. You may also add any notes – the intention here is to minimize the revisions required at the end of the article.

5. 2x Revisions

My rates include 2 rounds of revisions in case there are any edits or changes you’d like to make.

I never write for the sake of writing. I’m writing with the intention of building marketing assets to grow your business. You’ll look more at not the amount of time I spend working but the results produced at the end of the project, e.g. organic traffic and user signups.

Or maybe you’re not ready yet to make the first move?

If so, you might benefit from checking out my blog – I write about how to turn your website into a sustainable channel for growth.