My Freelancing Track Record

These are the biggest results I’ve helped one of my clients achieve.

  • +468.69% in organic traffic in 4 months.
  • +109.2% in paying customers in 1 month.
  • +30% in monthly free trial signups.

And helping you create content that gets these types of results is why you might consider working with me.

Ranking Page 1 of Google Doesn’t Always Make It “Rain”

Here’s what I mean:

🚩 Writing long-form content just because you heard that Google prefers content with more words
🚩 Pumping out a large volume of blog posts on whatever’s trending in hopes of improving your online presence because you’ve heard that more is better
🚩 Focusing on keyword density and over-optimizing for search engines
🚩 Making page 1 rankings your primary success metric
🚩 Regurgitating blogs that are already on page 1 of Google because you assume that their content must be good since it’s on the first page, so you try to replicate what they’ve done in hopes of achieving the same outcome
🚩 Fueling your content strategy with keywords solely based on search volume without referring to customer research


The outcomes that lead to growth aren’t page 1 rankings.

It’s whether or not your strategy is helping you:

1️⃣ Create an online presence that gets you in front of the right audience
2️⃣ Generate leads with valuable content that resonates with the reader

And page 1 rankings for any random keyword that apparently attracts a high search volume won’t always lead to these results, which is why I say that first-page rankings won’t always make it “rain.”

It’s a pleasure to meet you. What’s your name?

Oh, unfortunately I can’t hear you through the other side of the screen.

But the fact that you’re still here means you’re probably interested in learning more about how I got to where I am. So if that’s you, keep scrolling.

The Most Boring Backstory You’ll Probably Read Today

Isn’t it interesting how you stumble across some websites but never actually learn anything about the person?

My story begins when I was 13 years old.

No, I didn’t have my own blog nor did I start a business at that age but I was invested in studying English literature and language.

After finishing sixth form, I took a gap year, and the first thought I had was to get a job so during that time I:

  • Worked as a door-to-door salesman
  • Worked in a factory 
  • Worked in an MLM scheme

I was interested in those jobs as a door-to-door salesman and MLM because both required sales to be successful, which was something I believed I wasn’t so good at since I was pretty introverted.

But this led to me a revelation…

Was there a profession related to writing to sell?

And that thought alone was how I discovered copywriting.

I read lots of articles on Google, watched a bunch of videos on YouTube, and invested in courses to learn the fundamentals of how copywriting works. I also handwrote proven sales letters since this was a piece of advice drilled by many gurus.

After feeling confident in the basics, I decided that the only way I was really going to improve was to get real-world experience.

So that’s when I set out to find clients.

I started out as a generalist writer but soon narrowed down to SEO content for 2 reasons:

1. This was the type of writing I enjoyed most
2. It enabled me to help businesses make more money

Here’s a list of the types of clients I’ve worked with:

  • Ecommerce fashion brand
  • Finance coach
  • Resume builder software company
  • HR software company
  • Entrepreneurship blog
  • Marketing blogs
  • Freelance platforms

3 years later, I’m still doing the same thing. 

Fun Facts

  • Based in Birmingham, UK.
  • Personality type: ISFJ-A.
  • Interests: content marketing, minimalism, entrepreneurship, novels, watches, writing.

You made it to the bottom of this page. What else did you want to know?

You’re quite the curious one, aren’t you?

Well, I feel very honoured that you’re that interested in my character but seriously, I’m just as interested to learn more about your business and how I could help.

Or if you just want to take me out for lunch then all you have to do is ask…